Unboxing: Sips by Subscription Box

Now I know this isn't directly book related, but I recently discovered Sips by and I wanted to share what I thought about this subscription box because I enjoy a cup of tea when I'm reading and I'm pretty sure many others do too. I received my first box yesterday, so it was the perfect… Continue reading Unboxing: Sips by Subscription Box

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Unboxing: Book of the Month

My Book of the Month package arrived and I could not wait to receive my picks. I decided to subscribe to BOTM and treat myself to a yearly membership for my birthday. Now I know many are aware of BOTM but I wanted to talk about it anyway in case someone hasn't because it is a… Continue reading Unboxing: Book of the Month

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BookCase.Club for Kids

It is time for another unboxing, and who doesn't like book mail? This one is perfect for introducing books to the little ones, and letting them explore their imaginations so stick around to learn more. If you have no heard, BookCase.Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers books to your doorstep that are handpicked by… Continue reading BookCase.Club for Kids