Where Have I Been?

I have not updated this blog as frequently as I would have liked to or how I planned over the past couple of months because of a family emergency. In September my dad ended up in the hospital, and he was just recently released after a major surgery that resulted in a lot of life-changing adjustments and time in the ICU. At the same time, I began my first term of college, so the past couple of months I have not had time to read due to other obligations that took priority.

Now that he is home and recovering, I have a little more flexible time that I want to spend reading. There are a lot of books that I want to read, so reviews will be back shortly!

— Coleen



January’s BookCase.Club Kid’s Box

Last month I introduced the latest addition to BookCase.Club, which was the new kid’s boxes. This is a late unboxing, but January’s box was so loved that my nieces and nephew had to take it home the day they opened it. It filled them with such joy and wonder to discover what books were in the box, and trying to read through each one on their own as all three talked about the cover, and what they thought the stories were about. I was able to get one photo after it opened, which is up on my Instagram.

BBC is a monthly subscription service that delivers books to your doorstep that are handpicked by their curators with your reading preferences in mind, based on the theme you choose when signing up.

The Kid’s box allows children of all ages to experience the magic of reading by receiving a monthly shipment of books suited for their age range. When you subscribed, you will pick a theme, and there are selections for every age group, offering kid cases from newborn up till pre-teen. Each case contains 3, handpicked, gender specific books. The Pre-Teen contains 2 handpicked books. Note: You will see at the top of the homepage, there is a link to BookCase Kids–not to be confused with Read to Me, offered as one of the original 8 cases.


The cost for this subscription box costs $9.99 a month, which is an affordable price that allows not only your child, but you, to receive a BBC box. There are multiple plans when it comes to payments, ranging from $9.99 a month to 12 months for $100.

Below are the books that were in the January BookCase.Club Kid’s box for 7-8 years old. Summaries and cover photo are sourced to Goodreads, and retail prices are from Book Depository’s website.


Despicable Me: My Dad the Super Villain by Lucy Rosen ($3.99)

This exciting early reader, based on the animated film, Despicable Me, from Universal Studios, follows aspiring “world’s greatest villain” Gru on his quest for universal domination…until his plan hits an unexpected snag. Lively illustrations and simple, engaging text provide a terrific learning experience in this story about the power of family.

Murilla Gorilla, Jungle Detective by Jennifer Lloyd, Jacqui Lee ($9.97)

Murilla Gorilla, the jungle detective, is woken up by a new case: Ms. Chimpanzee’s muffins were stolen. But who did it? It’s up to Murilla to find out… as long as she can find her badge first! Murilla may seem like a hopeless detective—disorganized, messy and always thinking about her next snack—but out of her mess come some pretty good ideas, and some pretty funny moments too.

Labracadabra by Jessie Nelson, Karen Leigh Hopkins ($15.16)

Zach isn’t impressed with his new dog, Larry, at first. He’d hoped for a chocolate lab or a spaniel, not this funny looking mish-mash of a dog with a great long tail. And who names a dog “Larry,” anyway? But Zach discovers that when Larry twirls that ridiculously long tail – Labracadabra! – amazing things happen. It’s not very long before Zach knows that he and Larry will be Best Friends Forever!

When it comes to BBC, there are genres from everyone. If you want to subscribe to more than one theme, just select the genre you want, pick a payment plan, and it will be included in your cart at checkout–it’s that easy! If you want to switch an age group or genre, you can do so when you access your account, which makes it simple and convenient to receive the age appropriate book box as your child grows.

BookCase.Club is one of my favorite book subscriptions out there on the market today because it allows me to receive a quality curated box each month for a reasonable price that is well worth the value, while introducing my nieces and nephew into the world of reading.

Use the code Ramble15, to save 15% off of ANY BookCase.Club subscription!


*Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own. Thank you to BookCase.Club for giving me the opportunity to review the kid’s box!

BookCase.Club for Kids

It is time for another unboxing, and who doesn’t like book mail? This one is perfect for introducing books to the little ones, and letting them explore their imaginations so stick around to learn more.

If you have no heard, BookCase.Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers books to your doorstep that are handpicked by their curators with your reading preferences in mind, based on the theme you choose. This month I have the pleasure of introducing and reviewing the latest addition to the service–BookCase.Club Kids!*


Now children of all ages can experience the magic of reading, and receive a monthly shipment of books. You will see at the top of the homepage, there is a link to BookCase Kids–not to be confused with Read to Me, offered as one of the original 8 cases. To begin, you will pick a theme, and there are selections for every age group, offering kid cases from newborn up till pre-teen. The themes are Newborn-2, 2-4, 5-6, 7-8, and Pre-Teen. Each case contains 3, handpicked, gender specific books. The Pre-Teen contains 2 handpicked books.


There are multiple payment plans, so whether you want month-to-month that costs $9.99, or a prepaid plan such as 3 Months for $28, 6 Months for $54, or 12 Months for $100, they gives you options. This is an affordable literary subscription service for the young readers in your life, and it is a great way to introduce your children to the written word while receiving fun packages in the mail monthly. All cases are shipped on the 1st of the month, and be sure to share the experience on social media with #BCCUnBoxing.

Below are the books that were in the December BookCase.Club Kid’s box for 7-8 years old. Summaries are sourced from Goodreads, and retail prices listed are from the title’s back cover.


Boogie Knights by Lisa Wheeler, Mark Siegel ($16.99)

In this rip-roaring picture book, readers are invited to the party of the year, as all monsters large and small throw the most outrageous, most bodacious bash of them all–the Madcap Monster Ball.


The Fires of Calderon by Lindsay Cummings ($16.99)

The first book in an epic middle grade fantasy adventure series that takes place in an underground society at the center of the earth. Packed with action, humor, magic, and mystery.

After following a mysterious map into the woods and then under the woods, eleven-year-old Albert Flynn learns he’s a Balance Keeper—someone with special magical skills for fixing problems in three underground Realms at the Core of the earth. His new job is important; if the realms fall out of balance, the world above could be in great danger.

Albert and his Balance Keeper teammates Birdie and Leroy arrive in the Core not a moment too soon. There’s an Imbalance in the Calderon Realm and it’s threatening to bury Albert’s hometown of New York City in a mountain of ash.

The three must train hard completing mental and physical challenges, but above all, they must harness the power of their Tiles—unique superpowers given to each Balance Keeper. So far, Albert’s mastered the art of not mastering his Tile….

With the situation in Calderon growing worse every day, can Albert, Leroy, and Birdie restore balance before New York is destroyed forever? Will Albert master his Tile before it’s too late?


Wanderville by Wendy McClure ($16.99)

Jack, Frances, and Frances’s younger brother Harold have been ripped from the world they knew in New York and sent to Kansas on an orphan train at the turn of the century. As the train chugs closer and closer to its destination, the children begin to hear terrible rumors about the lives that await them. And so they decide to change their fate the only way they know how. . . .

They jump off the train.

There, in the middle of the woods, they meet a boy who will transform their lives forever. His name is Alexander, and he tells them they’ve come to a place nobody knows about—especially not adults—and “where all children in need of freedom are accepted.” It’s a place called Wanderville, Alexander says, and now Jack, Frances, and Harold are its very first citizens.

8 Other Genres on BookCase.Club

There are themes for everyone in the family! Below are the other cases available through BookCase.Club. You can subscribe to more than one theme; just select the genre you want, pick a payment plan, and it’ll be added to your cart for checkout– perfect if you have more than one reader in your home!

  1. Read to Me – 4 Children’s Picture books
  2. Blind Date – 2 Paranormal Romance novels
  3. Strange Worlds – 2 Sci-Fit/Fantasy novels
  4. Thrill Seeker – 2 Mystery/Thriller novels
  5. Booking for Love – 2 Romance novels
  6. Teenage Dreams – 2 Young Adult novels
  7. Quarterly Military History – 2 Military History novels delivered every three months
  8. Quarterly Cookbooks – 2 Cookbooks delivered every three months

The total retail value for all 3 books in this month’s box was just over $50! That is an incredible deal for just $9.99/month plus shipping. If you’re looking for a quality and well curated book subscription without the little trinkets, and gives you quite the deal and value for the cost, BookCase.Club is a great choice.

It is easy to switch age group/genre themes in your account, so it is a subscription that can grow with your child throughout the years when it comes to age appropriate books. A monthly book box that arrives on your doorstep will be a fun, new reading experience for both you and your child. It’s a great way to build their little library, and instill the love of reading from early on.

Join BookCase.Club!

*Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own. Thank you to BookCase.Club for giving me the opportunity to review the kid’s box!

Favorite Reads of 2016

It is that time again. The year is quickly coming to a close, and with that, it is time to wrap up my year in reading with the favorite books that I read in 2016. Next year is another chance to knock out another reading goal, along with plenty of new releases that I can’t wait to read! In no particular order, below are my favorite books of 2016.

The Gentleman by Forrest Leo


The Gentleman is Forrest Leo’s debut novel, and it was one of the best of 2016. It is about a husband who conjures the Devil, and accidentally sells his wife, which results in planning a rescue mission to Hell. A variety of personas come along for the quest, and a whole lot of over-the-top encounters happen along the way that will have you laughing out loud.

This novel was so well crafted and the humor flowed so effortlessly in the story-line. If you’re looking for a fun and quick read that doesn’t require as much commitment, this is definitely the pick.

Marrow Island by Alexis M. Smith


Twenty years ago Lucie Bowen left Marrow Island after fleeing the aftermath of an earthquake that compromised the local refinery, killing her father, and ravaging the island’s environment. It’s set in post-disaster Washington state as Lucie returns to the island that is slowly rebuilding to reconnect with her childhood friend, Kate, who lives within a mysterious group called Marrow Colony that is located on part of the island—a community that claims to be “ministering to the Earth.” As an environmental journalist, Lucie’s experience tells her that there is more to the Colony than their charismatic leader is letting her know, and Lucie sets out on uncovering the secrets even if it endangers more than their mission.

I adored this novel. It is beautifully written, captivating, and Smith has a way of bringing you into the story where you feel like you are Lucie. Marrow Island was a slow, but satisfying burn. If you’re looking for an eerie setting with vivid world-building, and lyrical prose that leaves you feeling unsettled, this is it.

Each Vagabond by Name by Margo Orlando Littell


Shelk is quiet, peaceful Pennsylvania town in the Appalachian Mountains, where life of a small town is knowing everyone, circulating gossip and settled-into routines.That is until a group of teenage runaways settle in the hills and begin to invade homes and lives–quickly a line is drawn between those residents seeking to insulate themselves from the outside world and those reaching out for more. Caught in the middle due to newfound loyalty is the lonesome local bar owner, Zaccariah Ramsy–when tensions rise between the townspeople and the newcomers, he must choose a side.

Each Vagabond by Name is a story that brings you into their world, and when you finish, you feel like a piece of you is left behind within the pages. It Littell’s debut novel, about isolation, loneliness, but also survival and coping. It is slow-paced, but beautifully written with emotion, grit, and and complexity. It was a well deserving 5 stars, and one of my favorites of the year.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch


After being knocked unconscious by a masked abductor, Jason wakes up to find himself strapped to a gurney, surrounding by strangers in hazmat suits. In this world he awakes in, Jason’s life is not his own. His wife is not his wife, and his son was never born. He is not an ordinary college physics professor, but a celebrated genius who achieved something remarkable and once thought unimaginable. Is there a way to make it back to the world he knows, the family he loves? He must battle a seemingly impossible and unpredictable foe to get back to the life he knows.

This book was overwhelming, thought-provoking, and made me feel so small the further I read. It is a complex novel with the concept of parallel universes, physics, and mind-boggling twists, but easy to follow along and understand for all readers. This was one of those books you think you have figured out, but in reality, you have no idea. Crouch has a brilliant way of writing, and this was a story where I felt Jason’s pain and emotions, that edge of defeat that he keeps inching towards but never giving up. I’m torn between wanting a sequel, and letting Jason’s story come to an end wherever it is that he ends up–you have to read to find out!

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder


Yelena is about to be executed for murder, until she is offered an extraordinary reprieve. She will eat the best meals and have a room in the palace, but she will be the food taster–at risk of assassination by anyone trying to kill the Commander of Ixia. To prevent her from attempting to escape, the Chief of Security deliberately feeds Yelena Butterfly’s Dust, which requires a daily antidote to delay an agonizing death from the poison. While she tries to escape her new dilemma, disasters keep happening everywhere she turns. She develops magical powers that she can’t control, rebels plot to seize Ixia, and her life is threatened once again.

I read novels 1-3 in the Study series, and Poison Study was my favorite. It was a solid introduction into the story and characters, with exceptional world-building and character development from beginning to end. There were quite a few unexpected discoveries throughout, which left me on the edge of my seat. There wasn’t an aspect that I didn’t enjoy, and I recommend it to anyone that wants an action-packed story with fantasy and magic.

The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil by Stephen Collins


The Gigantic Beard that was Evil is a graphic novel with Dahl and Burton-esque, about the island of Here, where everything from the lawns to citizens are tidy, neat, and in order until a single hair sends the island into an uproar. Dave, who is bald, but for a single hair, begins to grow a massive, unstoppable beard.

This was such a whimsical, darkly funny story with social and political themes and issues. It is beautifully illustrated and the narrative is similar to fairy-tales, so it brings forth a quirky fun read, but with an underlying message that is so important, and thought-provoking. It is a graphic novel that will always have a place on my shelf.

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan


Brain on Fire is a memoir that tells the experience twenty-four-year-old Susannah Cahalan went through when she started to experience symptoms that went from flu-like to memory loss and constant paranoia. It is a gripping yet terrifying read that was at times uncomfortable to read because it is a very real situation that took place, but it was also educational. While there is medical and psych discussion throughout, it is well-written in a way that those not in the fields can understand, and we aren’t left skimming through or stumped over explanations. It is a non-fiction that I would highly recommend.

Everything You Want Me to Be by Mindy Mejia


Everything You Want Me to Be is about high school senior Hattie Hoffman, who is the good student, the good daughter, and good citizen–or so it seems. When she is found brutally stabbed to death, the tragedy shakes the small town community. As the local sheriff begins to try to solve her murder, he begins to find that Hattie’s acting runs far beyond the stage, and she isn’t the person she portrays herself to be. It is told in three different point of views- Del, the local sheriff who is a family friend, Hattie, and the new English teacher whose marriage is falling apart.

Now while this book was only a 4 star read for me, it was one that even months later, I am still thinking about. It was a complex and layered story with twists that you would not expect. I kept trying to figure out who killed Hattie, and when revealed, it was not at all what I expected. The expected publication for Everything You Want Me to Be is January 3rd 2017 by Atria/Emily Bestler Books.

The Telling by Alexandra Sirowy


Set on an island near Seattle, Lana is trying to come to terms with the brutal murder of her step-brother, Ben, who was killed by an unknown man with a red painted face. The only witness to the crime is found dead, and Lana is the one who pulls the body out of the water. Lana and her group of friends are the likely suspects to the police, knowing that Maggie is Ben’s ex-girlfriend, and hated by Lana. The further they dig for the truth and to prove their innocence, more people are killed. Lana starts piecing together the stories Ben used to tell her as a child to the way the people (who have wronged her in some way) are being killed.

Is Lana committing the crimes and blacking out? Is she being framed for the murders? Is Ben’s ghost seeking revenge?

The Telling was one of those books that pulled me in at the very beginning, even though I seen the ending coming. I am not particularly fond of YA mystery, but this novel was exceptional with rich world-building, and realistic characters who developed naturally throughout the story. If you are expecting a horror novel, this is not it – it is a YA mystery that dips into thriller closer to the ending. It is twisted, dark, and one that you will not be able to put down.

The Beauty, Vol. 1 by Jeremy Haun, Jason A. Hurley


Two years ago a new sexually transmitted disease, called The Beauty, started turning patients into perfect specimens. Everyone who contracted the STD ended up looking physically beautiful, and now almost the entire planet is willingly living with the disease. Suddenly people start internally combusting as a long-term effect of The Beauty, and government officials are trying to keep it unknown to the public. This is an original, action-packed story line that I thoroughly enjoyed, and now want to tell everyone to read it because it was unique, thought-provoking, and intriguing.

This comic is beautifully done with artwork that is moody and consistent. This is definitely a comic series aimed towards an older audience because of the subject matter, and there is some gore along with full frontal nudity. I am really interested in more backstory on the main characters, especially Mr. Calaveras who is a skull wearing crazed hitman. It is a great opening to a comic series with a lot of potential, which is why I am looking forward to reading the series.

Honorable Mentions

  • I Hate Fairyland, Volume 1: Madly Ever After by Skottie Young, Jean-François Beaulieu, Nate Piekos
  • Harrow County Volume 1-2 by Cullen Bunn, Tyler Crook
  • Giant Days, Vol. 1-3 by John Allison, Lissa Treiman, Whitney Cogar
  • The Amulet series 1-6 by Kazu Kibuishi
  • Dept. H #1 by Matt Kindt, Sharlene Kindt
  • There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor’s Baby: Scary Fairy Tales
    by Ludmilla Petrushevskaya, Keith Gessen, Anna Summers
  • Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson
  • The Trees by Ali Shaw



Book of the Month

This month I received a package from Book of the Month, which is a subscription service that brings you 1 new release hardcover book of your choice each month, with the option to add two additional books from past or current month selections for $9.99 per title. This is a subscription that I have been eyeing for a while as someone who orders books online frequently and loves receiving books in the mail because I have heard nothing but fantastic things about the company. I recently because an affiliate for BOTM, so I wanted to let everyone know about the subscription service, and below are some special offers for my followers who would like to join.

Each month the panel of judges select a limited number of books to offer to members of BOTM, which are announced on the first of every month. You have six days to decide which book (or books) you would like to receive. All books are shipped at the same time so members can read and participate in the discussion forum on the website. If you forget to log into your account during the selection period to choose a title, no worries! They will skip the month on your behalf, and will automatically extend your membership by 1-month.

When you join for the first time, BOTM offer 3 standard enrollment offers:

  • 1-month for $5.00, then $14.99 per month
  • 3-months for $9.99 per month, then $14.99 per month
  • 12-months for $11.99 per month

If you were previously a member, and are looking to rejoin BOTM, they offer 3 re-enrollment plans.

  • 3-months for $14.99 per month
  • 6-months for $13.99 per month
  • 12-months for $11.99 per month

All membership plans automatically renew, but you can cancel anytime.


This month I chose The Trespasser by Tana French. It is the sixth novel in the Dublin Murder Squad, which is a well known mystery-thriller crime series. I have yet to read the series, but I wanted to pick this one because I have nothing but great things about Tana French’s writing. The book can be read as a stand alone, although many recommend reading in order because it makes the experience richer since it adds to the development of previous characters.

Each book arrives individually wrapped in plastic with a cardboard backing to prevent damage during shipment, along with their logo on a magnet, and a bookmark with a little note from the judge who selected the title.

You can tell a lot of thought and care goes into each month when it comes to selecting titles and packaging, which is nice as a reader and subscriber because it shows they want to deliver the absolute best to every member. BOTM is a quality subscription service that is reasonably priced, and I personally think it is one of the best when it comes to those who want to receive a book and not all the little novelties that come in other subscriptions. Every month you receive a hardback of your choice that is a new release, which is worth the price right there for me.

If you subscribe to a 3-month subscription, it will only be $9.99 a month! Plus you will receive a cute BOTM tote bag. Join here: https://www.mybotm.com/ipa465sleib2o6r

If you’d like to try out one month of Book of the Month, you can do so here and pay only $5!

*I am an affiliate so will receive a small commission with the above links.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide – Book Themed Gifts

If you’re having trouble deciding what to buy that literary lover in your life, look no further! While receiving books on holidays is always one of the best gifts, who doesn’t like some book-themed goodies to go along with those hardcover and paperbacks?

Bookshelf Games, Set of Three


This set of Clue, Monopoly, and Scrabble are perfect for the book and classic game lover in your life. These book-style designed editions include easy to store, linen book-style box that provide hours of family fun. Can be purchased individually for $34.95, or as a set of three for $99.00.

llbean, $99


Pug Butt Bookmark


MyBOOKMark on Etsy has changed the world of bookmarks with a unique way to mark one’s place in the pages. Whether you’re a pug own like myself, who would adore the bookmark (pictured on the right) between the pages of my books, or a Harry Potter fan who would love the Magician that would bring a little Harry Potter into every book you read. You can find a wide range of selections, inspired by every occasion, holiday, or reading experience on MyBOOKMark’s Etsy shop.

Etsy.com/MyBookMark, $25

Book Inspired Candles


The Melting Library is one of the many book inspired candle shops on Etsy that brings a new reading experience to the reader with scents inspired by books. One of my favorite books is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, so when I found it in the shop, I had to have it! Pictured on the right is the Dinner at Midnight candle, a combination of sugared figs, rosemary, orange blossom, and sandalwood–based on Chandresh’s midnight dinners. It smells phenomenal! All I can say is that if you plan on purchasing one, make sure to buy two because you’ll want one on your shelf because the presentation is beautifully bookish.

In the shop you can find the latest hand-poured editions for Throne of Glass, The Winner’s Trilogy, The Bone Season, Harry Potter, and more. All the candles are made in small batches using soy wax, and take 7-10 days for processing.

Etsy.com/TheMeltingLibrary, $14.50


Novelly Yours offers book inspired soy candles, fandom collections, and more, that create an amazing atmosphere for the next time you pick up a book! When looking for inspiration before the hand-pouring begins, Novelly Yours looks to the themes, characters, and places from favorite books, bringing together two passions –books and candles.

The candle pictured on the left is inspired by the popular Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Bringing the scents of Scotland and Craigh Na Dun into your home with heather, firewood, and outdoors with light floral notes.

I received a Tempest themed candle in my October Muse Monthly subscription, and immediately I had plans to make a purchase from the Novelly Yours shop because the quality, scent, and packaging were all amazing.

While a majority of candles are inspired by young-adult novels, there are always editions to the shop, such as Disney inspired candles, seasonal lines, and the option to customize your order.

Etsy.com/NovellyYours, $11

Bookworm Magnets


Bring the bookworm vibes to your fridge or filing cabinet with this 4-pack of magnets designed by Alison Cole.

BuyOlympia, $10




My Weekend is Booked Sweatshirt


When your weekends are spent in a comfy spot with a hot beverage, and book in hand, you might as well wear a shirt that goes along with it! There is an option to choose the style, whether it be hoodie, tee, tank, and even for the little future reader in your life. Sizing goes up to XXL, with a variety of colors available.

Design in image shown is lightweight pullover in heathered light blue.

Lookhuman, $18.40-$35.20


‘Drink Good Coffee, Read Good Books’ Mug


If there are two things that go together better than anything else, it is books and coffee. A classic mug like this and many others you can find on Etsy are perfect for those bookworms who love coffee just as much as literature. Holds 11oz. with design/text on both sides.

Etsy.com/Giftsology, $15


The Atwood Blend Coffee


A coffee mug is not complete without coffee. In partnership with Balzac’s Coffee Roasters, Margaret Atwood has created an artisanal blend of South and Central American coffee with distinct notes of caramel and cocoa with a balance of acidity for a smooth, rich brew.

Balzacs, $18 for 1lb. bag




100 Literary Postcards Set


In 2015 Obvious State collaborated with Penguin Random House to make a collection of literary postcards. In this beautifully crafted boxed set there are 100 postcards featuring work from their Bibliophilia collection. The set contains 2 of each of 50 original designs, one to share and one to keep for yourself–or gift it to someone special!

Etsy.com/ObviousState, $20



Knock Knock Personal Library Kit


While not all of us readers are so generous to lend our beloved books out to friends and family, there are many who find great pleasure in doing so. Knock Knock Personal Library Kit offers an easy and fun way to keep track of those borrowed books, and brings back that feeling of checking books out at the library. Who else loved looking at the cards in the back of the books to see who previous borrowed them?

Refill cards are available here, 15 for $6.

Amazon, $11

Cozy Fleece Throw


What reader doesn’t like to cozy up in a blanket while reading during the winter? When it comes to blankets, I want the softest I can find, so this Quatrefoil Heavy Fleece Throw is my choice! It is ultra-soft but won’t compromise warmth, comes in four different colors, and is generous in size so it is great for curling up in. You don’t have to splurge on price to get a quality blanket either.

Wayfair, $14.99


Umbra Aquala Bamboo Bathtub Caddy


Have a reader in your life who enjoys a relaxing bath with a good book? This bathtub caddy has a wine glass holder, a book/magazine prop, hooks on the other side to hold a razor and loofah mesh sponge, and extendable arms to fit different tub widths. Don’t forget to buy bath bombs!

Amazon, $30




Book of the Month

Book of the Month is one of my favorite subscriptions because it is a great value for a hardcover book each month, and giving you the ability to chose the book you want. It is a subscription service that brings you 1 book of your choice each month, with the option to add additional books from previous selections for $9.99. On the first of the month, BOTM announces five monthly selections carefully chosen by their judges. By the sixth of the month, you choose which books you would like to receive or skip the month if you prefer. Then it will ship out on the set date, or you can pay $1 for it to ship immediately.

For a reasonable price, you can gift a 3, 6, or 12-month membership ranging from $44.97-$143.88. That includes 1 book of your choice, an extra book for only $9.99 each, free shipping, and easily skip any month. For a limited time, you can give a gift and receive 50% off a 3-month membership!

If you want to subscribe to a 3-month subscription for yourself, you can do so for $9.99 a month! Plus you will receive a cute BOTM tote bag when you join here: https://www.mybotm.com/ipa465sleib2o6r

If you’d like to try out one month of Book of the Month, you can do so here and pay only $5! I am an affiliate so will receive a small commission with the two links above.

Book of the Month, $14.99 per month

Images used in this post belong to the original owners, and are linked at the bottom of each description.




Bookish Facts

What is a blog with all things bookish without some facts about the blogger? Tell me some of your bookish facts below!

  • I used to be a hardcover person. Now I prefer paperbacks because they are travel-friendly, cheaper, and I can fit multiple in my bag.
  • Whenever I read a hardcover, I have to remove the dust jacket.
  • I never eat while reading out of fear of dirtying the pages.
  • I don’t typically do monthly TBRs. I like the freedom of picking up a book depending on the mood I am in.
  • I have never read Harry Potter. That will change in 2017.
  • As much as I appreciate and like book photography, I am terrible at it.
  • I prefer big lengthy novels.
  • Despite numerous attempts, I still don’t like audio-books.
  • I do not dog-ear pages, bend covers, break spines, or write in any of my books.
  • There are no bookshelves in my house, but there are piles of books everywhere.
  • The most books I’ve read in a year is 126.
  • As much as I love newly-printed books that have yet to have each page turned, and read. I have a place in my heart for well loved books that have worn edges, and dents on the covers. Sometimes there is handwriting in the margins, or knick-knacks left behind from previous readers. I appreciate used books because they have been well loved, read, and traveled.
  • I have never reread a book.
  • I do not like reading outside, or while in the car.
  • I prefer physical copies but I tend to read eBooks faster.
  • I am a nighttime reader.
  • I dislike mass-market paperbacks.
  • My earliest book related memory is from first grade, when my mother would come to the classroom weekly to help each of us individually with reading.
  • The one genre I won’t read is romance, and I prefer books without it.
  • Growing up, my favorite authors were Roald Dahl, Lemony Snicket, Arnold Lobel, and Ludwig Bemelmans.
  • I have my library card memorized.
  • I love the idea of leaving books behind at public establishments for strangers to pick up.