Unboxing: Sips by Subscription Box

Now I know this isn’t directly book related, but I recently discovered Sips by and I wanted to share what I thought about this subscription box because I enjoy a cup of tea when I’m reading and I’m pretty sure many others do too. I received my first box yesterday, so it was the perfect start to a rainy Monday. I do only have one photo because I started trying the teas as soon as they arrived (I could not wait!) but I have a discount below for anyone interested in $5 off their first box. This is not sponsored, I purchased the box, but it is a referral link.

It’s a great box that I wanted to spread the word about because they are a fairly new business and I know many would enjoy this box. After seeing this a couple times on Instagram, I decided to order a box because as much as I love tea, I never try new brands or flavors because I don’t know where to start, and I thought this would be a great way to do that.


So, Sips by is a startup based in Austin and it’s described as a subscription for tea lovers who, “want discovering tea to be fun, personalized and affordable.” so it’s a monthly tea subscription box where you can receive loose leaf tea or tea bags, herbal tea or caffeinated from all around the world for $15 a month. So essentially you’re receiving 15 servings of tea for a $1 a cup. That’s cheaper than going to a coffee shop and you can enjoy a cup from the comfort of your own home like many of us homebodies. Shipping is free to those in the U.S. but international orders have to cover the cost of shipping.

When you sign-up, you complete a personalized profile quiz, so you’ll be asked things like flavors you’re willing to try or avoid, any allergies or dietary needs you have, if you prefer loose leaf or bagged tea, looking for a coffee alternative, caffeinated or caffeine-free, etc. Then each month you receive a customized box with your preferences in mind. Once you try the teas, you can review each one individually as well as the overall box so they can make any improvements on your next selection of teas. There are also discounts and exclusive offers for members on their website with the brands that they have featured, which is great if you want to purchase the teas you’ve tried in your box. It shipped fairly quickly–I ordered it on the 2nd of April and the following Monday, it was delivered.

The only tea listed below that I have yet to try is Traditional Medicinals, but it’s a brand I have actually wanted to try for a while but could not find it locally, so I’m looking forward to a cup of that later this evening.

  • Harney & Sons Chinese Flower – a tin of 5, it was a burst of citrus flavor with floral undertones. I really enjoyed this one and plan on purchasing it.
  • MicCacao Cacao Tea – 2 servings of loose leaf, an herbal chocolate tea made from the shell of cacao beans. It had a mild flavor that was unfortunately a little overpowered by the honey I added, but from what I tasted, it is a good subtle flavor that I would drink at night as an alternative to coffee.
  • Walters Bay Mango Passion Fruit – 4 tea bags, a green tea with a combination of mango and passion fruit flavor, this was another mild tea that was subtle in flavor but refreshing and great for spring mornings.
  • Traditional Medicinals Rose Hips with Hibiscus – 4 tea bags, a robust and tangy berry beverage with hibiscus that’s organic and said to support everyday wellness.

Also included are 15 disposable, biodegradable tea satchels for loose leaf tea, and a personalized card with tea information like steeping guidelines, tasting notes, and the brands’ social media handles.

What I like about this is that each month it’s a customized box delivered to your door with your tea preferences in mind, and being able to review each tea individually along with the box helps with future selections. It shows that Sips by is a business with other tea lovers in mind and want to bring them the best experience possible when it comes to trying new tea. Plus it’s fun to receive a box that allows me to broaden my tea collection and discover new brands from across the globe. If you’re interested in trying out Sips by and want a discount, below is the link.

You can get $5 off your first box if you sign-up here.

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