Bookish Facts

What is a blog with all things bookish without some facts about the blogger? Tell me some of your bookish facts below!

  • I used to be a hardcover person. Now I prefer paperbacks because they are travel-friendly, cheaper, and I can fit multiple in my bag.
  • Whenever I read a hardcover, I have to remove the dust jacket.
  • I never eat while reading out of fear of dirtying the pages.
  • I don’t typically do monthly TBRs. I like the freedom of picking up a book depending on the mood I am in.
  • I have never read Harry Potter. That will change in 2017.
  • As much as I appreciate and like book photography, I am terrible at it.
  • I prefer big lengthy novels.
  • Despite numerous attempts, I still don’t like audio-books.
  • I do not dog-ear pages, bend covers, break spines, or write in any of my books.
  • There are no bookshelves in my house, but there are piles of books everywhere.
  • The most books I’ve read in a year is 126.
  • As much as I love newly-printed books that have yet to have each page turned, and read. I have a place in my heart for well loved books that have worn edges, and dents on the covers. Sometimes there is handwriting in the margins, or knick-knacks left behind from previous readers. I appreciate used books because they have been well loved, read, and traveled.
  • I have never reread a book.
  • I do not like reading outside, or while in the car.
  • I prefer physical copies but I tend to read eBooks faster.
  • I am a nighttime reader.
  • I dislike mass-market paperbacks.
  • My earliest book related memory is from first grade, when my mother would come to the classroom weekly to help each of us individually with reading.
  • The one genre I won’t read is romance, and I prefer books without it.
  • Growing up, my favorite authors were Roald Dahl, Lemony Snicket, Arnold Lobel, and Ludwig Bemelmans.
  • I have my library card memorized.
  • I love the idea of leaving books behind at public establishments for strangers to pick up.

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